I have always loved the sea...

I grew up in a small village called Wembury in Devon south west England. As a family we would all go fishing off the rocks on coast. Dad would get us up early and go to the estuary of the river Yealm to dig for bait, Rag and Lug worms. Then at precisely two hours before high tide the family would go fishing. The excitement of getting a bite or actually landing a fish is still something that thrills me today.

As a commercial photographer I was drawn toward all things of the sea, any excuse to go out on a fishing boat would do and combining it with my passion for fish led to many trips at sea on small inshore fishing boats to deep sea trawlers  where I documented as many fish as possible.


The collection of commercial fish species photographs reached a point seven years ago when I could publish my own version of  New Zealand  Seafoods poster found in many fish and chip shops around the country. The resource is used by seafood companies on websites and promotional material. I hope you enjoy looking at the collection and visit the online shop where you can purchase posters and artworks.

Please note that all images on this website are copyright, I have not placed huge water marks on the images as I want people to enjoy viewing the website. All the images are available  for licensed reproduction, please contact me if you are interested, this is how I make my living.

Terry Wreford Hann  gmnzipp